5 Unwritten Second Life Rules

rulesLinden Lab has given us some official Second Life rules. These can be found in the Terms of Service and on the Second Life website. There are, however, some unwritten rules that can help us get along better with other SL residents. No, these aren’t engraved on a virtual stone, but they’re still good to know.

When teleporting to a new sim, we should move from the landing spot. That place we arrive when we visit a new sim is called the landing spot, and everyone else arrives there too. If we don’t move, others will teleport in on our heads and possibly become stuck in a midair spider dance. This is one reason it’s polite to move from the landing spot at a new destination.

We shouldn’t send unsolicited teleports to get people to attend events. I don’t know of anyone who likes these. If the teleport comes from someone we don’t know well, we find it annoying. If it’s someone we like, we feel guilty for not accepting it. Do we really want to put people into this position? In my opinion, the best way to invite people is to have a group and send notices from that. People can see those notices and decide for themselves if they want to attend the event.

We shouldn’t teleport to people in the sky. Most SL residents understand that if a person is in the sky, that is their private space and we shouldn’t intrude upon it. People go into the air for a number of reasons, such as to spend time with a partner, to have a private conversation with a friend, to build, to change clothes, to sort inventory… Going up without being invited is inconsiderate at best. It’s like going to a friend’s house in real life and just walking into their house without even knocking.

We should always remove objects we rez on someone else’s land. So we found a place that allows rezzing, and it’s not a sandbox? Great! That land owner has given a bit of freedom to visitors. We can open boxes there or perhaps show a friend a picture; but we need to be considerate and remove those items before we leave.  Rezzed objects count for prims, which that land owner has to pay for. An open rezzing place does not mean we’re allowed to put things down permanently, and we should also be careful rezzing high prim stuff since that can cause items to be returned.

When IMing a store owner, we should state our purpose for the IM immediately. We should never contact a store owner and just say “Hi” to them. This is tedious, takes unnecessary time, and is unhelpful for both parties. If we state what we want right away, things will usually be sorted out much quicker. Note: I advise reading the profile of the store owner before sending an IM. Guidelines for how to contact creators can vary.

There’s loads more unwritten SL rules, and some may vary depending on the people we’re with. For now, I will just leave you with these, but if you know of any more, feel free to post them!

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  1. When I had my beach in Andraca sim someone rezzed a sky platform above it , made a house and was living there free until I found out. I also had someone rezz a c.300 prim spaceship above the beach once.

  2. I have had people try to set up homes, sky beach houses, and stores on my land. I check prims daily though, so the longest they’d be able to get away with this would be a day. Why do I allow open rezzing? Because most people are cool about it, and the advantages outweigh the bad at this point. I like people to be able to rez and drive vehicles on the roads, open boxes and have a little fun and freedom … so long as they remove their stuff before they leave, and the objects are not too primmy it’s usually ok.

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