Five Boring Second Life Profiles

MLprofileA profile is one of the first things I check when I see a new person in Second Life. You can glean a lot by seeing what groups people join, what they choose to put (or not put) into their real life tab – and the locations they promote inworld can be revealing.

In some cases I’ve made friends because of a profile. “Oh, you like that? Me too!” But sadly, many profiles do not appeal at all.

Here are five types I am not usually keen on.

1. Unfriendly set of rules: This person’s profile gives a list of rules, explaining in great detail how to interact with them. Do this. Don’t do that. And if you’re lucky they may talk to you!

2. Friends in the “picks” section instead of places: Instead of saying what places they like, this person fills their picks with names of people they know, inside jokes, and quotes that are hilarious to the person who put them in the profile but which go over my head since I don’t know the people or situation the quotes came from.

3. Legal warning: Warning! Chat will be logged (or not logged) and because we’ve read this profile we’re legally bound to abide by these rules.

4. Roleplaying Limits: Must admit, some of the profiles that give roleplaying limits can be amusing, so perhaps I shouldn’t put it on a the list of what I don’t like…. Since I’m not part of the roleplaying community, though, none of these limits apply to me.

5. Second Life is just a game:  Profile maker insists that Second Life is not real, and that unlike the rest of us losers they have a fulfilling real life. They remind us repeatedly that Second Life is “just a game.” These kind of profiles are usually made by men in groups like Naked Club Beach. (Note to the people who make this kind of profile: Second Life is a virtual world, not a game!)

Ok, so that’s five I’m not keen on. So what makes a good profile?

This is just personal preference, of course, but I lean toward profiles that tell something about a person without giving a lecture; ones that can be clearly understood by everyone and not just people who are already on their friend list.

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      1. in those cases I agree, but ever meet someone and talk to them and say oh hey you shouldve put something on your profile by now? and they can’t be bothered. ones with little or no info and not just alts. 🙂

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