A Suit, a Cat, and a Sofa

Some inexpensive but nice items I found today.

Item: Man’s suit in black
Store: Electric Feel
Sold by: Electri
Details: Mesh suit sizes from S to XL. The suit is a one piece mesh outfit containing out of a jacket tied up with one button, a pants, shirt, tie and handkerchief in the pocket of the jacket. Mesh shoes are included.
Price: 50L
Marketplace Link: *-*Electric Feel*-* Ian (black outfit)

77catsleepingItem:Sleeping cat with sound
Store: Wild Hound Designs
Sold by: Canis Baxton
Details: Makes sounds if you touch him; purring, meowing or growling. Only 1 prim!
Price: 45L
Marketplace Link: [WHD] – Sleeping Kitty Cat with Sounds – Ginger

77jiminisofaItem: Jimini Sofa
Store: *-*C-Outlet*-*
Sold by: Crixus Domenici
Details: 3 Prims, Mesh. 5 reading animations, 5 male sits, 7 female sits, 9 couple sits
Price: 60L
Marketplace Link: *-*C-Outlet*-* Jimini Sofa (animated)


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  1. Shauna, I think it is a great idea but with Christmas and New Year some people haven’t been online as much to go shopping and check things out.

    I will look now that the holiday is over.

  2. I love the Electric feel suit , I bought it when I first started using Mr Reborn as it was cheap and I needed a wardrobe quick. I still wear it a lot , it’s a great buy.

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