A Poem About Penny Lane

pennylaneMy friend Serendipidy Haven has been on a poetry kick lately. I always enjoy when she writes it because it either gives a peek into what she’s feeling or it’s something funny.

Because Seren’s been writing poetry, it made me remember one she wrote a few years ago about the Penny Lane sim. She emailed it to me to cheer me up for some reason, but we never published it. It was so long ago that I don’t even remember why I needed cheering up, but I recall the poem touched me. Yes, even back then Penny Lane felt like “home” to us.

Penny Lane has been around since 2010. It has gone through different phases with buildings springing up and being torn down, just like a real life place, but overall it’s kept a similar vibe. Some of the references in this poem are dated (such a the cinema and a mermaid) but other stuff you may recognize if you’re a frequent visitor.

Poem About Penny Lane
by Serendipidy Haven

There’s something unexpected,

as you’re walking down the street;
you can never be entirely sure
of exactly what you’ll meet –
Flying cabs and badass cars,
zombies, daleks, dinosaurs!
You’ll find the strangest things abound,
(and even people hang around!)
Why not catch the mystery tour?
you may even spot the real fab4;
But, if you walk and don’t take the bus
there’s plenty more to cause a fuss;
Shopping and bopping, the cinema too,
and Dear Prudence Rock Club, to name just a few –
You can sit on the harbour eating your chips
or go to The Gallery and look at some pics.
Nip into *Subculture* to get some new threads,
or keep death on the streets, riding mopeds!
Hang out with the mermaid,
whilst angling for fishes,
or dance with your partner
and steal a few kisses.
You can make some great friends
and i have a hunch,
that in all of SL
there’s no better bunch!
There’s nothing as fine
at the end of the day,
than to sit in the pub,
and hear┬áthe music play…
Although, there is Bob,
the elephants and Steve:
Some things on the radio
just make you heave!
So, click on the mirror
and give a big smile
when it tells you, your boobs
are the best by a mile!
(other magic mirrors say so too,
so i guess, most sincerely,
that it must be quite true!)
And who do we thank for all these great things?
Is it some sort of angel, with ruddy great wings?
No, not at all, for in Moonletters Town
there’s only one person who wears the crown.
And although, when she’s grumpy
Penny Lane is in trouble,
she always produces
some gems from the rubble.
And what would town be
without Shauna Vella?
Nothing at all! She’s the best…
as anyone will tell ya!


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