Being on Second Life With a Bad Computer

computer-kill-1Have you ever tried to access Second Life using a bad computer or inferior internet connection?

If so, you may have experienced:

1. Being frozen, then when you can move a barrage of text floods your screen.

2. You can’t respond to the person talking to you at the worst possible moment!

3. You’re unable to move then all of a sudden you’re on the other side of the room.

4. You go for a walk and keep walking, walking, walking, and walking . . . all the way across the ocean.

5. Everyone looks like a cloud made of orange curry.

6. You see grey people.

7. When you’re dancing it’s in jerky movements. Kind of like doing the robot!

8. You want to get to the other side of the room but can’t so you have a good friend push you there.

9. People do not appear to be wearing their mesh clothes, but dancing along side them. Sometimes their mesh heads become giant and fill the dance floor.

10. Often you can see right through people. It’s not intuition – it’s alpha layers!

The following clip is from a film called Office Space. Though the object in question is a copy machine, this would work just as well with a bad computer. Feeling frustrated about your computer? Imagine doing this to it while you’re waiting to get a new one.



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  1. We have a copier machine in work that does exactly that ! lol And yes, i have experienced all of the lag effects of SL over the years that Shauna describes ! Thankfully it’s rare for me these days because I have a solid 60Mb connection.

  2. I seem to have problems with Sue’s mesh head , it appears grey and sideways like a giant hollow sculpture. Thankfully it usually becomes normal after a little while 🙂

  3. I think the worst time was at the SL Community Convention when it was held in Chicago. The hotel just didn’t have the bandwidth to handle so many SLers. It was pretty much all of the above save no mesh items since this was well before that point in SL development.

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