Bull Riding Contest



Put on your denim, boots, and bring a cowboy hat too. It’s the Bull Riding Contest at Penny Lane. YEE HAW!

Oh, all right. That cowboy stuff is not really needed. This is Second Life we’re talking about. Bull riding can be done in a dress and heels!

WHERE: The Bull Riding Contest at Penny Lane

HOW IT WORKS: 100 lindens will be given to the highest score when I log in on Friday. Winners will be announced on Moonletters.uk every weekend, so if you get the high score, you’ll be famous!

HOW TO RIDE: If you know how to sit on a chair, you can ride Zorro. Just “sit” on the bull and he will decide when to throw you off. Note: it’s free, so there’s no risk of losing anything, and you can try as often as you like.

RULES: All are welcome to ride the bull at any time, but people who win two weeks in a row will not be eligible for a prize for another two weeks. If the same person wins a third week in a row, the prize will go to the second place winner instead. This lets everyone have a chance.

WANT TO BE A SPONSOR?  Stores or businesses who would like to donate a prize will be mentioned here on Moonletters.uk in the same post I announce the winner. I will name your business and link to your location. That’s free advertising! If interested, send a notecard to Shauna Vella or email shauna@moonletters.uk. Let me know if you’d like to be a one time sponsor or if you’d like to do it weekly. Either way is appreciated!

Note: If you see my name on the scoreboard, don’t worry. I may ride, but I’m not allowed to win!

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