Epic Gacha Delta Giving Out 1000 Lindens

Epic Gatcha Delta has been having a raffle to increase traffic to their place. The contest is free to enter, and you only need to do two things.

raffle_0011. Put Epic Gacha Delta in your profile picks.

2. Click the raffle board.

Your avatar needs to be at least six months old, and you should have the place in your picks for at least 24 hours before you enter.

Apart from that, easy peasy! It’s a simple contest, and you can put an entry in once a day.

I do not usually put things in my picks unless I really support them, but I made an exception for this because I actually do love gacha in SL. I am hoping Epic Gatcha Delta gets rolling and does well. It’s a big place and has the potential to be successful.

Visit Inworld: Epic Gacha Delta

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