Everybody Was Kung Foo Fighting

kungfooSince some of you seem interested in dances, I’ll talk more about them this week. I’m trying to visit some of the dance places inworld, but it takes time.

Today I was at Ministry of Motion and, sadly, I did not find any suitable dances for myself there. The place does, however, have some novelty moves like “Elvis” that may interest people for a special event. I also found a free kung foo animation.

I have to laugh. I came to a section that said “Mom Fatpack” and “Mom Dances” and immediately thought of what we call “Dad dances” – you know, that incredibly embarrassing way our dad dances at a party? I assumed this was the female equivalent and was actually hoping I might find animations less like Beyonce and a bit more old fashioned. Yes, I was actually hoping for an old fashioned mom dance! It turns out, though, that “Mom” was just an acronym for “Ministry of Motion!” Ha!

If you’d like to get your kung foo on, check out the freebie section at Ministry of Motion.

PS. I was going to show you a picture of me doing the kung foo animation but it did not look good with the alpha layers under my dress. I was too lazy to change outfits, and Bruce Lee is cooler anyway!

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  1. I have been round most of the dance places in SL, and there are some good dances, but you don’t really want to get the same one as your friends have. When you try one you immediately think….oh this is Shauna’s dance, or I have seen Seren doing this one, so end up not buying it.

    So for now I have to stick to what I have, and hope I will find a good ‘mom dance’ soon.

  2. I have a number of the MOM dances… but a Shauna said they are mostly gimmicky and fun ones… Akeyo/Humanoid are quite good for what I call general club dances, but can be very “samey”, and most people have them… Vista also have a few good dances, and they are cheaper than most, but a very limited selection… :))

  3. confused, happens a lot, the concept a dance is ” someone’s dance” just can’t work, idea should be lost

    for starters there is only so many suitable dances out there

    and why should someone be made to feel uncomfortable when they find a dance they like just because

    someone else dances it.

  4. Dugi… I think many of us have the same dances and most of the time that’s totally cool. Some dances, however, are really are linked to a certain person in the minds of everyone else – like the one you do. It may not have your name on it but that dance is the “dugi” dance for sure.

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