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Did you know that Penny Lane has a ghetto section? It does! It’s in the corner of the sim where you’ll find no charming town, no lovely field or marmalade skies anywhere. Instead, there’s grungy furniture and items you’d usually only get from a seedier neighborhood. I’ve even seen a cannabis plant there, though I’m sure that’s only for medicinal purposes.

The woman who runs the ghetto at Penny Lane, IsisRea Diavolo, is very nice. Whenever she creates anything new she sends it to me. That drum set on the stage in The Killing Moon pub? She made that! The record shelf? That too! One of the cooler things, however, is the Rockers tv she gave me which shows the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, etc. It’s perched on the shelf by the Greedy table.

Guess what? You can have your own Rockers tv now – free of charge! Diavolo Creations has made it a group gift, so if you’d like one, go get it!


Visit Inworld: Diavolo Creations

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