Happy New Year Friends!

beatlesnewyear-133I posted this in a private Facebook group but thought I’d share it here too for those who are great friends but don’t do Facebook.

Just want to say this has been an especially nice year… and it’s all due to having you as friends. You’re a kind hearted, warm, genuine group of people. It’s fun to laugh with you, listen to great music, and just be able to chill out! Thanks for making this a special year. To old friends, new friends, and those somewhere in between… God bless you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

After reading this my friend Timothy Falta responded with “Shauna! that was a very Tiny Tim type of thing to say” so I posted the following video.

It was the wrong tiny Tim but we like it anyway.

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  1. Thanks Shauna for you good wishes.

    It has been a great year as you have said, and I am just glad that Lord brought me to Soul Mods when he did, as I have enjoyed SL so much more since knowing all of you.

    Let’s hope it will continue for years to come. x

  2. Oh my word! What did I just watch?

    Happy New Year, Shauna… Here’s to even more fun times, good music (perhaps not Tiny Tim), high jinx and quality time with friends inworld in the future. 🙂

    s. x

  3. Indeed Shauna, a more wonderful group of people I have yet to meet anywhere or in any reality!

    2015 was made ever more memorable with each passing week with you all, and I am looking forward to sharing many more mad, chaotic and fun-packed times ahead throughout 2016 and beyond!

    Big thanks to each and every one of you – you warm my heart and make my spirit smile BIG!

    Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year, full of the joys of life’s blessings 🙂 xxx

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