Happy Thanksgiving 2015

elegant WA happy thanksgiving copyToday the people in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving, when families come together, some traveling great distances just to sit down to a meal together. I am thankful everyday, not just on a holiday, but today is a good excuse to voice it!

Here are some things I’m grateful for in Second Life:

The Penny Lane sim: I’ve been the manger of Penny Lane since it was born in 2010. I’ve seen it go from flat green land with nothing on it into a thriving community. Penny Lane is more home to me than most real life places. and I’m not joking when I say I care about each person who resides there or visits. I feel a responsibility for the well being of every person, be they resident or visitor, and also to my friend JP Lancaster who put his trust in me to take care of the place.

My Friends: I’ve had many of the same friends since 2007. People come and go, but there’s a core group who have remained for years. We’re close, we have inside jokes – and yet, new people can become part of things too. I will always value old friends, but am still excited to make new ones.

Second Life Itself: Creativity is limited only by imagination. Some have gotten jaded with SL, but I never have. I’m still excited to explore, to see worlds other people have come up with, and I love finding whimsical things and fantastic adventures. Penny Lane is where my heart is, but I will never get tired of seeking out new places on the grid.

There’s a list of people I’d like show that I’m thankful for, but if I start naming them I might leave someone out. If you’re a friend, you know who you are. I’m grateful to everyone who lives at Penny Lane, everyone who visits; and also to the club Soul Mods, my home away from home.

Thanks to everyone for being so great, but especially thanks to God.

If you’re in the USA, I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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  1. What I love about Thanksgiving is it brings gratitude to the surface for a little while. Gratitude is such a good thing to give as well as receive it’s a shame we don’t have Thanksgiving more often. And as you said, you’re thankful everyday, as I am for many of the same reasons. God is good.

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