Have You Ever Rage Quit Second Life?

smashedcomputerwow-sms-050911Recently, I was taking one of those extremely scientific and incredibly accurate (cough) facebook quizzes to see how bad of a temper I have.

One question stood out to me.

Have you ever rage quit a game?

Rage quit? What? I actually laughed at the question. It was the first time I ever heard that term, and I had an image of one of my kids having a meltdown over his Playstation game.

My friend Slate McLeod informed me that “rage quit” is a common term for online gamers. I don’t generally mix with an online gaming crowd, however, so for me it was a new one.

KnowYourMeme says “The earliest Urban Dictionary]definition of ‘Ragequit’ became available on March 28th, 2005. However, nobody can be certain exactly when ‘Ragequit’ was first coined.” The term is defined as “Internet slang commonly used to describe the act of suddenly quitting a game or chatroom after either an argument, extreme frustration, or loss of the game.”

Though my first mental image was of one of my kids yelling at his Playstation, I, too, have been guilty of rage quitting a couple of times. In 2007 someone ticked me off so bad I ragequit SL for about a week. I also fled a situation a couple of years ago, logging out before anyone could see me have a cow.

One thing about rage quitting. It’s not funny when it’s happening to you personally, but if someone else has a meltdown it’s hard not to laugh. That is, of course, if the freak-out is over a game or something silly; not if people are actually hurt from something serious.

Have you ever ragequit Second Life? Has the official viewer upset you so much you wanted to tell a Linden off personally? Has the lag ever made you want to unleash a slew of four letter words? Have you ever lost an inworld game like Greedy and decided to throw in the towel?

Or perhaps the rage is more with human beings. I had a good friend who used to ragequit if they got more than one IM. They’d feel pressure and wail “They’re doing me head in!” and logout in a huff. This same individual also ragequit due to a woman’s annoying Animation Overrider. (Hey, a bad AO can push anyone over the edge!)

So what about you?

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  1. I have to admit, I have logged out of SL a few times when people have annoyed me or offended me, but I wouldn’t say it was due to a “rage” as such… Usually they have not been significant enough for me to remember lol, and often times it is because of my own bad mood when I logged in that caused it.

    However many moons ago my brother bought me the first XBox as a Xmas gift… I had no experience of any type of gaming, so it was all new to me, and it took me ages to figure out the handset etc… Once I had become more adept I expected to be superwoman or something as I pathetically crept around in Splinter Cell and Halo, always getting blasted and killed because I didn’t have the ability to move fast enough or jump or fire when it was needed lol… Of course I have no patience at the best of times, so this type of thing wasn’t really going to be good for me lol… I knew what I had to do to overcome the obstacles and get to the next stage, I simply could not gather my coordination or patience to do it! Therefore virtually EVERY gaming session would be me slamming down the controller, cursing at the machine and switching it off with a huff! lol

    So I am guilty at that gaming level of multi “rage quitting”… hmmm… just thinking about my lack of competence is making me angry now lol

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