holoportationThe future is here! It’s the sci-fi some have been dreaming about.

What could this mean for us? How will it affect the future of the virtual world?

Thanks to Divine Law for sharing the video.

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  1. Hmmm… Where do I start?

    OK, I love the idea of 3D recording and virtual memories, the potential is enormous but not, I fear, in the way in which the developers envisage. Whilst there will no doubt be a large number of hardcore enthusiasts, I honestly think that in these terms, it’ll go the way of cine film and camcorders, and will probably be a lot untilised unless it can be as portable as those earlier devices, or – more likely – mobile phones. Where I think this does have greater application is in the area of security, surveillance and law enforcement – where traditional CCTV falls down is in the area of spatial relationships, but being able to view footage in 3 dimensions will revolutionise the way in which a scene can be interpreted.

    I think we’ll see a wide range of applications within business – having to routinely suffer the misery of video-conferencing myself, anything that can remove the barriers imposed by remote attendance at meetings has to be a winner. It’s far easier to actively participate in a meeting where the illusion of being present in the room can be given for all concerned.

    The markets where I feel we won’t see much in the way of growth, are exactly those that I imagine sprang instantly to mind for most of us. The home consumer user though is probably a step too far for this technology – even with decent compression and good internet, I fear most home users would suffer a hugely degraded experience – as for WiFi, forget it! The cost is likely to be high, although probably not prohibitive for the ‘power user’, and I’m sure there’ll be low tech solutions on the market at some point, probably employing existing 3D depth capture technology, like MS Kinect – however I doubt it’ll be that popular.

    What about SL? I hear you cry. I can’t see it happening myself. Can you really imagine yourself wandering around your living room, headset obscuring your vision, headphone leads entangling your feet, or better still dancing the night away, or flying over a sim? That, to me, sounds a recipe for total disaster!

    Then there’s the whole issue of what I’ll call ‘skinning’ – a large majority of SL users really don’t want to see a replica of themselves inworld, they’d rather see the improved version, or something completely different. If you’re going to dress up, change your form or have your avatar achieve most of what avatars do on a daily basis inworld, then there’s absolutely no point in having a slightly fuzzy, blocky version of the real you to use in SL – you may as well stick with your perfect mesh body!

    Hate to say it, but I think this tech is not the Next Big Thing. 3D TV never took off, and neither I fear, will this.

    s. x

  2. I think it might be used down the line, but perhaps not how we expect. In the 90s they kept promising virtual reality to us, I mean in the sense of wearing the goggles and feeling like we were “there.” You’d see it in films, in music videos…. and many of us thought it wouldn’t be long before we all had that as a normal thing; and yet it’s 2016 now and we’re still staring at a flat screen. It is cool to see this holoportation thing, but I would like to see what will become of this technology for regular people at home….It looks great, but I know not to get my hopes up yet. Thank for your input, Seren!

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