How To Find Interesting Places in Second Life

Thinking of exploring Second Life? Here’s some tips I’ve learned over the years that help me find interesting places.

Use SL search “places” tab. Type in what interests you, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Many people put in items they want to buy or place names, but you can often find cooler stuff if you think outside the box. Is there a word you like? One that describes you personally? Try putting it into search and see if some land owner included it as a keyword. Example: I recently typed in “whimsical” and found several places to visit.

Use SL search “classifieds” tab. You may find things here you wouldn’t find searching the “places” tab and vice versa. Many people buy classifieds for extra promotion of their own location, but some use it just to be visible if they’re a renter. You see, people who rent are not able to put keywords in under “places” since only land owners can do that. This is why they run classified ads instead. You could be missing out on a good location if you don’t check classifieds too.

Read the “picks” section of profiles. If you encounter an intriguing person there’s a chance they might have a cool place in their profile picks. Unfortunately many people use the “picks” section for things other than listing locations these days, but it’s still worth checking.

If you see something you like, check who the creator is. Have you run across something awesome? Right click that object and find out who made it. Bring up the creator’s profile and go to their picks and classifieds tab. You might find a great place to visit that way.

Try the Second Life Destination Guide. It’s full of pictures and places!

Find locations by word of mouth. Ask people to give you landmarks of places they like. Actually, this may be one of the best ways to find something because people usually only landmark if they like a place. Word of mouth can be an excellent resource.

Read SL travel blogs. I don’t usually read these, but can see how they would be helpful. If anyone would like to recommend a good SL travel blog, feel free!

Pay attention to traffic rank when you search.  When you search for something, the locations with the most visitors appear at the top of the list, the lowest at the bottom. Knowing how much traffic a place gets can help you. 

1. The positive of a high traffic rank: A place may be busy for a reason. People seem to be flocking to it, so that could indicate it is quite good and worth visiting.

2. The negative: More traffic = more lag, and if you’re looking for a peaceful spot it may be better to seek a less populated area.

When I search, I often go to the bottom of the list to visit places with the least visitors first. I like the idea of giving more traffic to someone who needs it rather than a place that’s already swamped. It’s like going to a mom and pop store rather than a big chain. I also want to avoid lag and escape the crowds.

So… how do you find places in Second Life? What tips would you give someone who wants to explore?


Photo Credit: Bevie Oh, featured in the Second Life Destination Guide

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  1. If you’re more an explorer and prefer to stumble across interesting places, and get a feel for parts of SL where you might not normally find yourself, you can’t do much better than open the world map and pick a spot on the mainland, TP in and wander aimlessly! It’s amazing what you can find and quite often, being mainland, you won’t always be swamped by crowds of people.

    For those who prefer a little more structure to their exploring, one of my favourite methods is to follow one of the mainland’s many Linden roads or the route of the SLRR (Second Life Rail Road), you really get a sense of how big the mainland is and although much of it can be pretty uninspiring, there are some really interesting places out there.

    s. x

  2. I would love to see LL revamp the destination guide. Of all the methods mentioned above, I find the destination guide the least valuable, and that is kind of sad. Just playing with the map is always fun, and I find places i want to visit largely through Flikr and SL blogs.

    1. I actually like the Destination Guide, but I have to admit I don’t use it much for exploration. It seems to be growing and there is some breakdown into categories. I am curious to know how you would like to see it improved and have you submitted any suggestions to LL?

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