The Thigh Gap Avatar Trend


I saw this picture on Facebook and thought I’d share! Though I’ve not seen too many that look like the woman on the left (that’s from IMVU which I don’t use) I’ve seen loads that resemble the one on the right.

It’s interesting what people choose to look like in Second Life, don’t you think? This thigh gap shape has baffled me for a while so when I saw this in my timeline, I did a google search and discovered that some women are actually obsessed with attaining a thigh gap in real life.

One site instructed girls on how to get thigh gap and actually put this caution in!

Don’t let a thigh gap become your obsession. Getting a thigh gap has become the Holy Grail for some. They need it or they feel inadequate. In serious cases, people focus on it so much that they begin to lose perspective about other important things in life, like health or maintaining social relationships. A troubling number of teens and young girls are treating a thigh gap in an unhealthy way, fasting and possibly developing eating disorders. Don’t let the prospect of a thigh gap make or break you. Your thighs do not say anything about you. Do not let anyone tell you what to do.

I must be getting old because I can’t relate to wanting the thigh gap, but sadly I understand the warning above if you replace the words “thigh gap” with “getting slim.”

I know taste is subjective, but I have to admit some of these avatars look freaky to me. I find it more bizarre, though, that they originate from a real life trend. It’s just been taken to the extreme in Second Life!

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  1. The uniqueness of a virtual world is the freedom to look how you want. HOWEVER, I have never seen how the thigh thing is in any way attractive, or sexy. Same as the “Brazilia” look. Each to their own but I will never understand it, whilst defending people’s rights to have what avatar they wish to me it is not attractive in any way.

    People do tend to just follow others and not find their own uniqueness. They do in RL so they will in SL.

  2. It’s the permanent downturned lips too – seems to say, “Not only do I choose to look freaky, I refuse to look happy about it”.

    Each to their own, but it’s not for me. (I imagine it gets quite draughty down there too!)

    s. x

  3. The whole “body morphing” thing is alien to me… Yes, we all want to look different to a degree, change parts we aren’t so happy about, but this extreme form of body shape indicates some serious mental issues with a person’s self image… What saddens and distresses me most is that they seem to think this “shape” is attractive and normal and a desirable image sought after by others… I cannot agree or approve on any level I am afraid… It is obscene, ugly, and quite frankly, deformed!

    I agree that we should all have free choice to look how we wish whether in SL or RL, however I find the promotion of such negative images as a “fashion trend” is abhorrent and should not be allowed to be sold to people who already have seriously distorted self image values and issues.

  4. Yes, I saw the thigh gap thing and wondered what it really meant. Like, does it mean, look I have a pussy? Does it mean, I am so skinny I am just bones? Does is imply some sort of sexual freaky focus? Because when there is this big gap “down there”, that is where the eye is drawn. Well, you take men – they do not have a gap, they have a bulge, they have “something” there. So, as women, are women to have nothing – this gap? And what does that say about women in the scheme of things, that we are just a gap, a hole? Oh, I totally believe in the artistic freedom of expression in SL. I just want to know what it means. I like to articulate what my art or look is about. BTW – my avatar is a replica of the best me at 25 years old – the best time of my life and I do not have a thigh gap. LOL

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