Is There Something I Should Know

duranduranI think in music. Every situation I get into, every place I visit, every word I read, and everything I see has music behind it. A melody seems to weave its way into every encounter. I’ve gotten dream interpretations in the form of music, and even written funny songs about my cat. For me, life has a soundtrack.

When I woke up this morning, this was the song in my head:

“I made a break I run out yesterday tried to find my mountain hideaway
Maybe next year maybe no go
I know you’re watching me every minute of the day yeah
I’ve seen the signs and the looks and the pictures that give your game away yeah
There’s a dream that strings the road a broken glass for us to hold
And I cut so far before I had to say
Please please tell me now is there something I should know”

-Duran Duran

Speaking of which, Duran Duran does have a presence in Second Life. This isn’t exactly news since they’ve been there for ages, but if you’re a fan and haven’t visited, you may want to pop over.

Visit Inworld: Duran Duran Universe

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  1. Is there something I should say that will make you come my way?
    Do you feel the same? because you don’t let it show…

    Just saying 🙂

    1. “Smelly Cat” …. by Phoebe B. , good choice.
      Let us not forget: “Soft Kitty” … by Sheldon Cooper’s mom (Mary).


  2. I woke up with the song ‘Alright’ by Supergrass in my head !

    ” Are we like you
    I can’t be sure?
    Of the scene, as she turns
    We are strange in our worlds

    But we are young
    We run green
    Keep our teeth nice and clean
    See our friends, see the sights
    Feel alright. “

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