It Used To Be Cutting Edge…

Color tv! I’m impressed.

In 2013, I went on a road trip in California, and when I passed through Bakersfield, I saw a motel with an interesting sign out front. “Color TV” it boasted.

If that was a retro joke it was cute, but if the sign was actually serious? I’d guess it only remained hanging up because the place was run by a 95 year old hermit or something. You see, all motels in the USA have television sets, and putting the word color before tv is redundant. What other kind of tv is there? Black and white television is from the dinosaur days!

I see things in Second Life that remind me of this. If I’m searching for something and I see “low prim” included in the keywords, it almost always means the creations are older. Years ago having something low prim meant a lot to us because most things had so many prims in them. If a creator was able to make something nice without a gazillion prims, that was most useful and impressive. Prims cost money. The more you have, the more rent you pay. Sculpted prims came along and that helped reduce things a bit, but we still looked for the terms “low prim” in our searches for things.

Second Life has mesh now. Mesh is already low in prims (usually). Things that used to take up hundreds of prims now take just a few. It’s not uncommon to see incredibly intricate knick knacks with just one prim even. This saves a fortune for renters and sim owners, and gives far more freedom to decorate and make our SL homes look nice.

So… I’ve learned how to suss out the old places. No, this doesn’t apply to everywhere and yes there are exceptions, but if the keywords say something is “low prim” there’s a good chance the store is an older one and that description is a bit like that motel sign boasting of a color tv. Note: Most places with mesh items have things that are much lower in prims than the places that are boasting of low prim.

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