Let Them Eat Cake


Last night I went to listen to Simon Seurat DJ at The Hangout, a club owned by Janis Short. Janis is a fab DJ herself and knows loads about music. It also happened to be her birthday!

Simon played some 1960’s tunes for us, and all seemed rather normal apart from it being Janis’ birthday. A cake sat in front of her, and when I entered, my friend Slate McLeod encouraged me to click on it. I thought I’d get a nice piece of cake if I did that, but nothing happened.

It was only as Simon’s set came to a close that I discovered something. My friends were saying goodbye to a lady named Wulla Correia. I hadn’t realized she was there, so I looked around the club to find her. When I still didn’t see her, I went to my people button to zoom her location.

Turns out, Wulla had been right in front of me the whole time.

Wulla was the birthday cake!!!

Second Life is cool, isn’t it?

Photo Credit: Janis Short

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