Light Your Face, Not The Room

How old is your facelight? Has anyone ever talked about how bright you are, and they’re not talking about your intelligence? Have you heard rumours that rooms become darker when you leave them? If so, you may want to ditch your facelight.

For various reasons, some people won’t wear facelights at all; but for those of us who still want a little something, there’s actually a compromise between lighting an entire room and using nothing at all. That little something is called Nlight by Nea Fredriksson.

Nea says “In current Second Life Viewers with Atmospheric Rendering most old face lights tend to light up entire scenes or the floor around you like floodlights. They can also wash out avies unfortunate enough to be standing near you, and make your face look like someone’s holding a powerful flashlight to it.”

facelightI know I should probably show a real example of what a too-bright facelight looks like, but since I no longer own one, I didn’t want to seem to pick on anyone who actually wears one. Instead, I took this jokey picture of my friend Serendipidy Haven wearing an especially big (parody) facelight. Believe it or not, Seren owns a bigger one than this! (Thanks for being the supermodel today, Seren!)

Note, that even though this is a joke picture of Seren since it has this huge attached lighting equipment in front of her face, the extreme brightness is not much different than some of the real facelights people wear.

“The visible effects depend on your graphics settings – even if you don’t see the floodlight on your screen, most others will,” Nea explains. “Optimally, face lights wouldn’t be needed. A scene in SL can only have six local lights at a time, and using a face light will make it one less. If everybody wears one, things can get ugly in crowded spots…. If you use one with several light sources, you’re doing some serious damage!”

How is Nlight different from other facelights? “The purpose of Nlight is NOT to make your face appear fully lit at all costs, but to soften the shadows a little bit and to make your face easier to see at night,” says Nea. “Like make-up, a light like this is at its best when other people can’t really tell if it’s there or not.”

I personally use Nlight, and would not go back to anything else. It’s so subtle that on occasion I wondered if it was really there. It was only after I removed it that I saw the difference it made. My face looks dark without it, but while wearing Nlight it was lit up in a natural way without affecting the rest of the room.

The good news? Nlight is totally free. If you’d like a copy, I’ve set one out in a box in front of Subculture store, or you can get one straight from the marketplace.

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  1. Here’s a quick SLife hack: If facelights are driving you crazy – you can turn the nearest 6 local light sources off completely using the graphics menu (also available in the Developer menu):

    SL Viewer: Me > Preferences > Graphics > Advanced > uncheck ‘Local Lights’

    Firestorm: [CTRL]+[P] > Graphics > General > uncheck ‘Local Lights’

    s. x

    1. Also another handy tip…..get tired of being blinded by the noobie face lights? Phototools>Light>Enable Attached Lights(Facelights) Uncheck this!

  2. once upon a time in a land called sl when cardboard people had cardboard spikey hair the shadows were viscious a simple answer was a facelight to stop the crighton look, so started the lit look without question if it was till needed, maybe is, maybe aint in this use everything world

  3. This has always been a tricky one… I don’t think mine is too bright (hopefully), but shall try the one you mentioned Shauna… I agree that the ones which light up a whole sim are a tad overkill and annoying… and thanks to Seren, CoraLeAnn and Simon for their suggestions too! 🙂 x

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