I Hate Linden Love

lindenloveIn my opinion the most annoying sentence ever uttered within the world of Second Life is this one: “Show some linden love.”

The word “linden” and the word “love” should never be used side by side. This is nothing against THE Lindens (as in the employees of Linden Lab) but refers to lindens = money. Basically this phrase is saying “Show some money love.” It’s cringeworthy.

It has been said that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, and even the Beatles have their view on it “Money can’t buy me love!”

Don’t get me wrong. I know many well meaning people say this. They want to support club owners, DJs, etc. I, too, believe DJs and club owners deserve tips and support. I was a club owner in the past, and am currently a DJ, so I understand that one needs lindens to keep things going. And yet “show some linden love” feels like a guilt trip. It’s manipulation and I’m less likely to give if pressured this way.

Here’s a true story. Several years ago I went to a club. There was one DJ, one host, one half naked dancer – and me! That’s right, three staff members of the club – and me!

The hostess pasted in a generic greeting as I arrived, then even before a whole song played she encouraged “everyone” in the club to “show sum linden luv.” They were hardworking DJs, she said, hardworking dancers. She spoke like she had a great crowd of fans listening and she encouraged us to give of our lindens.

Surely this woman could see I was the only person there? Couldn’t she? And yet she continued to drone for her linden love. I had a really unkind thought at this point. I decided I would rather give money to a crack addict in Vegas.

This experience poisoned me to the words “linden love.” It was like the time this DJ was supposed to play classic rock and played Nickelback instead. I’ve been to other clubs not so terrible, even ones with nice people, but I will never like the words “linden love” no matter who says it.

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  1. In some ways, this is a tricky one. Tier, land, stream – all cost money – and I don’t see anything wrong with the occasional reminder to patrons of that fact. As with so many things we from which we reap the benefits, it’s not out of place to ask for a bit of support to keep the wheels turning. I’m sure all of us can think of sims, venues and other much-loved places that have vanished due to lack of funding, so we have a vested interest in supporting those places where we spend our time. There are, of course, those who choose to invest in SL for philanthropic reasons and are perfectly happy for others to benefit from that investment, without reward or recompense.

    Which brings us to the fraught question of tips!

    I realise that attitudes towards tipping, and indeed the reasons to do so are very different, the world over, in RL. In particular there’s a huge difference in social norms between the USA and the UK when it comes to the subject. Presumably, there are two underlying questions: 1) Is a DJ playing for gain or for the pleasure of it, (would they play if there was no pay?); 2) Do we wish to give a token of our thanks for their efforts?

    In RL, we wouldn’t tip a DJ – but then they’re probably being paid anyway. In SL, there seems to be not only an expectation that tips will be due, possibly because of the strong American cultural influence, but also a belief that passive-aggressive ‘encouragement’ – ‘Show some linden love – is also wholly acceptable.

    Personally, I’m happy to tip if it is the DJ’s source of income, or as a gesture of thanks. I don’t tip out of obligation or from being barraged with exhortations to do so, in the same way I won’t be bullied into donating to charity, changing my internet provider, or signing a petition by those who use those sort of tactics.

    By all means, put a notice up saying that tips are welcomed and help pay wages and tier; maybe even mention it once or twice during an evening – but don’t make demands, and don’t pester me – this will only alienate me, spoil my fun and, as a result, dissuade me from parting with my cash.

    I thought you liked Nickelback!

    s. x

  2. I have to agree with Seren on this one…

    I have been a host for clubs, I have my own club (rarely used lol), and of course, I am a DJ in SL, albeit a once per week one! lol

    As a host and a DJ in SL, I have worked for a variety of clubs/people over the years, and the attitude towards tips etc varies… however, I am sorry to say, most INSIST that you request tips for the club, the DJ etc etc at least once every 15-10 minutes, as well as advertise store on the sim etc. I am pleased to say that the places I DJ now do not ask that of me, and quite frankly, I would not choose to work for a place so markedly linked to material gain.

    From my humble beginnings as a DJ in SL I have never earned a lot of money from it, mainly, I am told, because I have never become a “career DJ” in SL. This means someone who DJ’s virtually every hour of every day in numerous clubs all over the grid. Also, I have never been “paid” to DJ at a club by the owners… I do, however, DJ partly in order to support my SL (which comprises of a small plot of land with a house and club on it) and, more importantly because I love music, enjoy being able to please people through the music I play, and probably the most significant part – it enables me to share time with my friends whilst providing a sociable and fun atmosphere (I hope!) – sort of giving back I guess.

    I think the difference here is, if as I DJ I don’t earn any money, so be it… I am not going to think badly of anyone, nor look on it as a slight, nor shall I pressure anyone to pay up either! … I have often been in a position whereby I myself cannot afford to tip anyone, not because I don’t want to, but because I simply have no money for it, and in turn I would hate for anybody to feel pressured to pay a tip if they were in the same position, or just did not want to.

    I have been, and continue to be, extremely grateful for any generosity given by way of a tip, no matter the amount, and if that is a zero amount, that is also fine – as long as the people are enjoying themselves!

    I do understand the reasoning and need behind some of the requests for “linden love”, which has become an over-used and rather sickly turn of phrase in SL, however I am of the mind that if people are enjoying themselves and can afford to tip, they will do so freely without coercion! As Seren said, if you are constantly “encouraged” or even “bullied” into submitting funds to a DJ or club, the less likely it will be that I would personally contribute, and would deter me from future attendance if I felt that sort of pressure…

    So it is a thin line… Sometimes a reminder is just that, but not in a way that is condescending or pressured… Tips are gratuities, they are not compulsory and should not be relied upon, nor should they annoy or embarrass others into donations.

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