Lost in Counting

susaTwo Fish is an art sim with some head tripping stuff by Saskia Boddeke. In 2010 she produced an installation called Susa Bubble that was both bizarre and intriguing.

Here’s a video that shows part of the Susa Bubble story. It’s several years old now, but I saw it while surfing youtube for Second Life stuff. Blast from the past!


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  1. First time I have seen this Shauna… Was quite transfixed, I have to say…
    For me it reminded me of how it feels when I am suffering depression – like there are parts of me that are missing and I am alone in a wilderness searching for the all elusive “number 34″…
    Truly lovely and bewitching I thought… thank you 🙂 x

    1. Glad you liked it Di. I should write more about Two Fish. They have newer stuff, and the installations are usually very thought provoking and creative, as well as interactive!

  2. I first came across Susa Bubble a few years back – in fact I have a Susa avatar! It’s one of those surreal SL experiences that is at once unsettling and disturbing, but also a story you feel must be told. I’ve been back there a few times since and, to be honest, I still haven’t entirely come to terms with it.

    s. x

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