Did You Meet Your Soulmate in Second Life?

double-hearts-clipart-yjTx7LeiEDid you meet your soulmate in Second Life? Many not part of the virtual world may sneer at such an idea, but the fact is some have met, fallen in love, then gotten together in first life to live happily ever after.

This should not be controversial but it is. Humans tend to judge a thing based on their own preferences or limited experience and shun what’s outside their bubble.

I believe the future will hold less stigma for couples who get together from meeting online or in virtual worlds. I think it will become so mainstream that couples will no longer feel awkward having to explain the inevitable “How did you meet?” question.

What do you think?

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  1. Divine Law and Tobi Magic… Met in SL March 2008… Now live in RL together very happily 🙂 … Think that sums it up really lol

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