Mesh Flowers and Mesh Plants

lwfI love flowers, so thought I’d tell you about a place I often visit inworld. It’s called Mesh Flowers and Mesh Plants, and it has more blooming things than you can shake a stick it. The store was created by LovedWarrior Quan who keeps it well stocked with plants.

First off, let me tell you my criteria for a good flower or plant in Second Life – and yes, I’m picky!

The flowers need to be mesh or sculpted so that they look “whole” no matter what angle you view them. Flowers, trees, and bushes should not look like several prim cutouts placed together at different angles. Plants were made this way in the old days of SL, and for that time period it was practical. But there’s no need for these any more. We now have sculpties and mesh to have better things.

The flowers should be low prim. By low prim, I mean 1 prim if possible. If the object is made of mesh, land impact / prim count will increase when you enlarge it, but for a small pot of flowers 1 or 2 prims should be enough. Land impact = money. I am mindful of every prim I rez, and less is definitely more.

Plant should give the option to remove “full bright” from it. You may notice some items in SL seem to light up so that even if it’s dark you can see them well. For a plant this can be either good or bad. You may want a flower to glow in some cases, but if you prefer a realistic look, it is better to remove the glow or it looks freaky at night. The absolute worst is an old glowing cutout tree! FYI: The only thing needed to adjust full bright is for the plant to be 1. Modifiable (so you can fix this yourself) or 2. Have a menu with an option to remove full bright.

I’m pleased to say that LovedWarrior Quan’s flowers fit all of my criteria. They not only look nice from every angle, but most are just 1 prim each – and you can copy and modify all of them

If you join LovedWarrior Quan’s group you will receive free flowers now and then (yes, I’m a member) but in general the prices are low anyway. For instance, the Japanese Balloon Flowers above are just 59 lindens.

Note: If you want to buy a gift, shop the Marketplace rather than inworld. Most of these flowers are no transfer.

Are you a flower child?

Visit Mesh Flowers and Mesh Plants Inworld or shop on the Marketplace.

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  1. I’ll have to check this place out – I’m not big into individual flowers or small arrangements, but I’m always on the lookout for good quality, low prim groundcover.

    If you’re looking for trees and something a bit different, I wholeheartedly recommend Hiroshi Seong’s Hayabusa Designs – – very well crafted, with built-in foliage and wind movement settings (he also does flowers too).

    Thanks for the info, Shauna. 🙂

    s. x

    1. Thanks Seren. I will check that out too. I’m always looking for places like that. LordWarrior’s place is more for smaller stuff. They have potted plants and flowers as well as ones growing from the ground – so you might find something! There aren’t any big trees though.

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