Moonletters Is Back

itsaliveWhether Moonletters is back from the dead or from a long hiatus is debatable, but here we are. The old website with content from 2007 – 2013 is pretty much lost in the ether, but my friend Seren showed me a way to resurrect some of those old articles. I may bring a few of them back if they’re still relevant.

Why did I put Moonletters on hiatus after so many years of publishing? In all honesty the reasons were complicated, but the short answer is this: I got discouraged and it stopped being fun.

Also, I decided to write about things unrelated to Second Life.

Note. I’m in the process of setting this site up now, so if you’re reading this “pardon the dust” because it’s very much under construction. This is exciting to me, though, because it’s like having a blank canvas to work with.

My goal? Make Moonletters cooler than it was before!

Thanks to the friends who have encouraged me: JP Lancaster, Paypabak Writer, Serendipidy Haven, Slate McLeod, and those who have made nice comments to let me know you missed seeing the blog. It means a lot and I appreciate it.

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  1. Nice to see Moonletters is back. Even though I didn’t know Shauna very well back in the old days I used to like reading her blog.

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