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wonkatalkHave you ever heard someone complain about being in “IM hell” and think they’re really boasting about how popular they are? I admit it. When people whinge about such things I usually think “Boo hoo. You have so many friends. What a terrible life!”

To be clear that’s not what I’m doing now when I say that last night I was in IM hell. Such a thing is unusual for me. In general I might get one IM an evening, two if I’m lucky, but for some reason if people do decide to talk it comes like a flood. I don’t know why it happens that way. One can sit alone crickets chirping and tumbleweeds blowing, and then all at once several people from different parts of the grid want to have a conversation.

Ok… I’m not really complaining about “IM Hell” because I know if someone contacts me it shows they know I exist. However, I’m not good at handling multiple conversations, especially in a room full of people or, even worse, if I’m trying to DJ.

Here’s the irony. Even though I was bombarded in IM from people who were not in the room at the time, I sent my own IMs after I closed out those conversations! See, private messages aren’t a bad thing; it’s trying to keep up with more than one conversation that’s tricky.

On the plus side I think I handle multiple IMs better than a friend I used to know from the north of England. If he got more than one message he’d get so flustered. “They’re doing me head in!” he’d wail before logging out or faking a crash.

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  1. I think it is a conspiracy Shauna! lol

    I find that I am mostly IM’d when I am DJ’ing – and not by those in attendance! This has always been the case, people always want a long winded and convoluted chat as soon as I am about to start and continue through best part of my set even though I politely tell them I am busy DJ’ing and can’t talk right now! In fact, as soon as I say that it seems to have an accelerator button of it’s own and the words just flood my IM lol

    Admittedly these days I am not in SL very often so if people do want to chat it will invariable be when I am DJ’ing or at my one night out a week at Soul Mods lol… Whilst I have no problem talking in IM with anyone, I find it awkward when I DJ to be having a private convo for a long time as I think it is poor taste for a DJ not to be a full participant in the event, and when I am socialising I also find it rude for me not to be participating in local chat with everyone because that is mainly why I am there, to share the company with my friends!

    I have to say, in all my years in SL I have not gotten into the habit of generally IMing people, unless a private message is truly necessary. It isn’t that I do not care about those on my friends list, I seriously do, but I also fear that I will become a troublesome part of their SL and so only IM them if there is something I want or need to say that is not for public consumption. I am similar in RL with telephone calls – I don’t call my friends all the time just because I can, but every now and then, unless there is a specific reason of course… My lack of contact has gradually increased as I get older to be honest… Guess I am just an unsociable old cow!

    I expect this will remain a catch 22 – maybe it is an odd astrological or astronomical occurrence that draws people to one other person for IM chat at one time, or when everyone calls you on one day in RL after months of silence… whatever it is, I don’t think it is going to change lol

  2. I have a morbid fear of IMs, particularly if there’s any danger that they might turn into some sort of one-to-one conversation… Surely people realise what an antisocial, uncommunicative git I am? If I wanted ‘conversation’, I’d join a social network or something!

    On the whole, I tend to relate to IMs in the same way I relate to my phone – it’s there for the simple exchange of vital information – just the basic facts, no need for pleasantries, gossip or chatting – things like “I’m going to be late”; or, “Where’s that million lindens you owe me? Pay up, or I’ll pop a cap in yo ass!”

    As for multiple, concurrent IMs… They can reduce me to complete and utter gibbering wreck within seconds.

    So, if ever you drop me a casual IM along the lines of “Hi, how are you?” and I respond by coming round, stabbing you between the eyes with a pickaxe and burning down your house, at least you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 🙂

    s. x

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