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I would like to say thank you to Rhapzody Wilde and Zarothan Wylder of the skin store Mynerva for going out of their way to be helpful and make one of their older skins available again. Mynerva recently updated their store so that their skin would be compatible with both regular and mesh avatars, and in doing so they discontinued some of their previous skin. One of those older skins happened to be the one I wear – the best I’ve ever had in Second Life! Since I was creating an experimental “newbie” avatar, I sent a notecard asking if they would consider bringing that old skin back.

Next day I got a note from both Rhapsody and Zarothan. Rhapsody had not intended to bring back the particular skin I use, but she decided to because I asked for it. Not only that, but she made it into a group gift and upgraded it so that it’s compatible with a mesh body. Big thumbs up for customer service!

Skin is arguable one of the most important components for SL appearance. We can have a great shape, hair, and clothing, but skin can make or break our look. It can make us look like a different person even if we don’t alter anything else, so this is why getting that particular skin was so important to me.

Skin is also subject to taste. Most people seem to prefer a tan look, but I need a lighter, younger skin to be “me.” Mynerva fills this niche. If you need a fair skin or happen to use a youthful avatar, I highly recommend this store.

Rhapzody Wilde made Elise, the skin I use, into a group gift. There is a one time 100L fee to join, but after you do you get all the gifts free after that. Elise skin alone with options of shading and ability to tint is worth 1000L, but there are other gift items as well.

As a side note? The same skin can look different depending on who is wearing it. Check this out.


Above is the Elise skin demonstrated on the store model.

Now see how the same skin can look completely different.


Hey, ignore my blurry dress! This was just a quick snapshot and I didn’t alter the image. Here, I’m wearing the Elise skin. Yes, I made my own eyebrows and am wearing eyelashes, but apart from that, this is Elise right out of the box. (This goes to show how shape and eyebrows play a part as well.)

Thanks again to Rhapsody and Zarothan for being so cool. As many of you know, Moonletters isn’t a fashion blog; but if something stands out to me as great I want to mention it. Mynerva has wonderful skin and the owners went above and beyond to be helpful.

Visit Inworld: Mynerva

Note: I am wearing the Elise skin on the Subculture sign too, though I do have some additional makeup on. That makeup is from Mynerva as well.

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