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christopherwdance-7Second Life is a multicultural experience, so sometimes things that make people laugh in one country only produce a raised eyebrow in another.

It may surprise some Americans to hear this but the show Saturday Night Live is usually only viewed in the USA, so if Blue Oyster Cult’s song Don’t Fear The Reaper comes on and someone shouts “Needs more cowbell!” it’s likely only Americans will laugh. There are exceptions, but in general people outside the USA do not know anything about the cowbell.

This is a shame. I feel everyone needs to know about the cowbell, so have included it here for the sake of culture and education.

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  1. Now here is when I get to be a Soul/Funk/Disco geek lol…

    The cowbell and a vast amount of other strange and otherwise elusive percussion instruments were dramatically tested and used in many of the Soul/Funk/Disco tracks, from the 60’s through to present day… Probably one of the most known ones is “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward…

    The amusing thing is, with the USA’s general dislike of Disco (probably where most cowbell was and is used outside of C&W), they would not appreciate nor know that this is the case… and would no doubt eliminate the cowbell from C&W and other popular US music if they discovered the cowbell’s usage and affiliation with Disco – and, in fact, most dance music for so long and still today! lol

    1. On the subject of odd percussion, one featured prominently in a Chuck Berry song though it never actually sounded in the song, ‘Nine silver bells on a string,’ 1972s “My Dingaling!”

  2. I can’t profess to be an expert on cowbell – I bow to Di’s superior knowledge 😉 – however I think it’s high time this particular cultural gem reached a wider audience… Once again, Moonletters is the last word in virtual trendsetting.

    Are you sure that’s Bruce Dickinson though? He does look an awful lot like the guy in this awesome video:

    s. x

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