super noob_001Noobs. We’ve all been one, and yet we can have very different outlooks on them. I have some friends who go out of their way to help new people, deliberately seeking them out to mentor. I know others who would rather submit to Chinese torture than deal with one.

I try to be nice to everyone, be it an older resident or a newbie on their first day. If it’s within my power to help, I’ll do that too. However, I must admit if there’s a loud noob jumping around, ignoring chat, clicking everything, doing gestures and is in constant need of support and attention, that can suck the life out of me.

When I first joined Second Life you could tell noobs from older residents on sight. New avatars had non-prim hair, plastic skin, and walked like ducks. Believe it or not, I felt more compassion for them then. A person had to put in effort to not seem noobish, and that pushed new residents to learn some basic SL skills.

Those days are gone. Modern day noobs look better than many older residents on their first day. They have decent avatars immediately, and no longer walk like ducks. This can occasionally confuse older residents because we don’t peg them as noobs right away.

I also believe there’s a bit of a generation gap. I recently dealt with a noob who was confused because a pair of shoes did not fit her “slink feet.” She seemed taken aback by this (the shoes were made before slink feet existed) but what really struck me was that she did not understand she had other feet. When I talked her through getting those back, she didn’t like the way they looked. I felt so old! It made me realize that I better catch up or be totally out of touch with these noobies.

Though it was a long time ago, I do recall being a noob. I was excited and made loads of mistakes back then, some quite funny. I’ll save those stories for another time though.

In the mean time, how do you feel about noobs? Do you go out of your way to help them, or do you prefer to avoid them if possible?

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  1. Yes, it has changed a lot. When I started in 2010 avatars were very basic (the ones they use to character test were some of the ones we chose from) and skins were bland even ones you purchased and yes you could tell a noob. I always help as I was helped a lot when I started but didn’t make the classic mistake of running everywhere and wearing furniture.
    Drakin was only a month old when we met and it was my efforts to help him and the rest is history. I have also had those who stick to you like glue and you have to make them stay away. But all in all, I still like to help and welcome.

  2. I am still laughing at the opening line “Noobs. We’ve all been one…” and I mentally said to myself “WELL I WASN’T ONE OF THOSE SCUM!” and then I remembered scrubbing a floor, using a camping chair (blushes) and then becoming a male prostitute. Hell, it is hard being a noob – especially cash wise, i think the Lindens should bring in a new rule were thay have to wear “L” plates and be over six months to even talk to you. This isn’t racist. It’s just science baby.

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