Planet Earth is Blue: R.I.P. David Bowie

bowieI had something else to post today, but how can I when David Bowie has just died? We’ve just lost one of the greatest rock stars of all time. How can we possibly think of anything else today?

David Bowie was one of my all-time favourites. I’ve always been in awe of him and his exceptional songwriting. So original! He was the whole package with his music, flamboyant outfits, and striking beauty.

I had just been talking about Bowie, saying he really did seem like a spaceman because he was so awesome. His talent and good looks far surpassed the rest of us, and I can’t think of one person to compare him to.

I wasn’t sure which song to post today, so I’ll just do the first David Bowie song I ever heard. I was a kid at the time, and this song came on the radio. I literally got goosebumps hearing it. I could feel it! That’s what great music can do, and it hooked me.

My condolences go out to David Bowie’s family, friends, and everyone who feels the loss of this amazingly talented man, one of the greatest musicians of all time.


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