Second Life Goes Psychedelic

psych11Last night I logged in to find everything had become psychedelic. A giant green prim covered most of the pub, and the Greedy gaming table looked like an overzealous hippie did a paint job on it. In spite of what you see here, it’s supposed to be plain wood, not tie dye.

Apparently I was the only one to see all this. Rebaking textures, clearing cache, relogging, rebooting, lowering draw distance and changing graphic settings did not help. Everything still looked groovy, baby, with the exception of my hair that seemed to be combed with an egg beater.

One thing that did help (eventually) was right clicking certain objects, choosing “more” on the pie menu and refreshing the textures. That fixed some of it; but the giant green prim covering the pub and most of the people remained.

Hey, I love 1960’s styles, but this was a bit much!

I’m interested to see what things look like when I log in later today.

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