Second Life: My Wonderland

I like to buy whimsical things in Second Life. If you find it down the rabbit hole, I want to see it. If it sparkles or seems alive, even better.

Chet is always passed out by the bar. No need for concern though. He’s made out of mesh!

The Killing Moon is an English pub at the Penny Lane sim. At first glance it may seem like a regular place, but in the nooks and crannies you’ll find rainbow snow globes playing hobbit songs, dancing trees, raccoon drinking from a bucket, glowing fairies, beer-drinking gnomes and the  Picture of Dorian Gray.

Fantasy meets reality in the virtual world. We’re only limited by our imagination, and because of this I feel like Alice in the SL wonderland.

What kind of whimsical things do I buy? Items you don’t see everyday, perhaps rare and limited. Could be from a fantasy world or some bygone era, and often they look alive or have some comedy value.

On the practical side, whatever I get is also low prim. My heart is filled with whimsy, but my land only takes so much. Prims are limited even in pixel heaven, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. It makes what I do have more special.

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    1. Couldnt agree more Barbie think during the eight years I have been in sl I have never felt more at home ,thanks to everyone for that xx

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