Serendipidy Haven Builds Wigan Casino

wigan_001Many of you know Seren for her own blog and also for being a Moonletters guest writer. Thought I’d give her a mention for something other than her writing today!

Just about every year I’ve known Seren, she has started on some kind of building project, be it for Second Life’s official anniversary event or just her own enjoyment. Recently, she decided to recreate an English building from the distant past. a building which used to be popular among those into northern soul music. Wigan Casino!

Seren wrote all about this in an article called Icon.

If you’re interested in seeing Seren’s version of this iconic building:

Visit Inworld: Wigan Casino at Marmalade Skies 

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  1. This is so cool! WTG Seren!

    Fusion Dance Crew did a show called “Age of Aquarius” which was a period piece all about the 60’s in the USA mainly… One of the key elements to the whole movement back in the day was a place called “The Filmore” based in San Francisco, which held many “gatherings” for live music and parties… I did my best to recreate The Filmore building (which sadly no longer exists either) for the show, so that it was like going to the venue and watching a live performance as they did back in the 60’s… It was interesting researching and building the venue in SL, and although my version was not an exact replica (hard for me as an amatuer builder in SL) it was very close and I really enjoyed doing it!

    I have great respect for Seren’s creations in SL as a builder and designer… and also for any one who takes time out to recreate some of the worlds iconic places.. It takes a lot of time, patience, skill, effort and usually money, to make these things “come to life”, and they are a joy to go see too!

    1. Thanks Di!

      What started out as just a fanciful build very quickly became a fascinating obsession… Trawling for source and reference material was something of a journey, and one that I don’t think I’d have otherwise taken. Not only was it fun, but illuminating and educational in the best possible way!

      Would I do it again? Never say never!

      s. x

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