Sgt Pepper Outfits

AB-Sgt-Pepper-Male-RedLast night one of the original SL Beatles came to Penny Lane to hang out with us. He used to be “George” in the SL Beatles circa 2007, but had not logged into Second Life since 2012.

“John” of the SL Beatles aka Timothy Falta was there too so naturally this reunion resulted in the guys putting on their Sgt Pepper outfits for old times’ sake. I didn’t get a picture of it, but I will say this: SL clothes sure have changed over the years.

Since Tim has been officially “meshified” (he wears mesh clothes now) he took one look at that old Sgt Pepper outfit and promptly removed it. I don’t blame him. It looked pretty bad by today’s standards.

One person who had on a more modern looking Sgt Pepper outfit was Serendipidy Haven or, as I like to call her when she’s wearing that outfit, “Polythene Pam.” We all complimented her on it so she sent me a landmark to where she bought it. In turn, I’m sharing that with you.

Ok.. here’s the deal… If for some reason you want or need a Sgt Pepper outfit, you can get one here for 250 lindens. The only downside is that since it’s made of mesh it is tailored to the male physique. If you’re a guy that’s totally cool, but if you’re female you might not be too impressed with the shape.

Thank you Seren for the landmark!

Get it Inworld: Avatar Bizarre

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