SLife Hacks: Custom Pose HUD

Hey gang. I have a treat for you today. My very clever friend Serendipidy Haven has sent in a guest article. Seren is no stranger to Moonletters – she used to be a staff writer on our old site! However, this is the first time she’s written since we’ve set up the new one.

In Second Life Seren often has a tag above her head that reads “Tech Support – Closed.” This is because if someone has an issue they’re likely to ask her for help. For this write up she is offering some tips on how to set up a custom pose HUD.

Thanks for the guest article, Seren. I may try to set up a pose HUD now!

-Shauna Vella


SLife Hacks: Custom Pose HUD
by Serendipidy Haven

serenThose of you who do not know Shauna as well as myself will be unacquainted with just how scary she can be when she wants something done, so when she suggested I might want to post an occasional ‘How to…’ for Moonletters, with that steely glint in her eye, and a baseball bat behind her back, how could I possibly refuse?

Here’s a simple little hack that inworld photographers especially will appreciate. You can only do it with a viewer that has a built-in client side AO – as far as I know that’s only Firestorm, Singularity and Dolphin – but if there are others, I’m sure somebody will shout out!

You can buy Pose HUDS on the Marketplace that allow you to sort and swap between different poses, but these can be expensive, use up attachment slots, can only be customised to a limited extent and can raise your script count, causing lag. This hack shows how the built-in AO can be used to manage as many poses as you want, even allowing you to split them into your own pose groups. It’s always available and can be turned on with a single click. Here’s how you do it:

1. Open the built-in viewer AO by clicking on its button.

2. Create a new group of poses by clicking the ‘+’ button and typing a name into the box, then click the checkmark.

3. Give it a second to set up, then you can simply drag the poses you want from your inventory into the AO.

4. Use the up and down buttons  to arrange them in any order you want.

5. That’s it. Done!

To use your poses: Simply turn off any scripted AOs you have running and click the little checkmark box on the viewer AO button. To switch between poses, click the AO button and use the right and left arrow buttons at the bottom of the floater. You can create as many pose groups as you like – select which one you want to use from the top drop-down list.

Now, where’s Shauna gone with that baseball bat?

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