SLife Hacks: Total Control

Want to pose your avatar in just the right spot? Serendipidy Haven has a tip on how to do that. Thanks, Seren!

-Shauna Vella


SLife Hacks: Total Control
by Serendipidy Haven

seren2Ever waited for an age for your AO to place your avatar in exactly the right position for the perfect screenshot? Ever had a picture ruined because when you try to stand in the best spot, you sink up to your waist in a phantom sculptie? Ever been driven to distraction by your clumsy attempts to place your avatar exactly where you want it?

Well, there’s a little known trick, buried away in your viewer that might just dig you out of that particular hole next time you find yourself struggling. Best of all, it’s quick, easy, works anywhere and nobody watching will know what you’re up to!

Here’s how you do it:

  • First, you need to enable the viewer’s Developer menu – this is switched off, by default. In the Linden viewer, it’s ‘Me > Preferences > Advanced tab > Show Developer menu’; in Firestorm, just press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[Q], together.
  • In the developer menu, select: “Avatar > Character tests > Allow select avatar.

This is where the magic happens! You can now move your avatar through the X,Y, and Z axes using the Edit floater. It’s a bit fiddly to initially select your avatar, so the simplest way is to right click on any prim or mesh you’re wearing and select ‘Edit’, then left click on part of your avatar – careful not to click on another prim!

Now you can move your avatar to the perfect position. This is a local effect, so only you will see it, and it’s not persistent over sessions.

Bonus hack: You’ll also find the ‘Animation Speed’ option in the Developer menu, which allows you to speed up or have super slow-mo animations for your own avatar – brilliant for machinima. Again, this only shows on your viewer, everyone else sees you normally.

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