Speaking Typonese

Since I’ve been an editor, you’d think my typing would be pretty decent. Inworld, however, I can’t seem to put my fingers on the right keys at the right time. I’m fluent in typonese.

It’s not that I type “there” instead of “they’re” – and you’ll never catch me abbreviating “u” for “you.” I just mean my fingers are in the wrong place at the wrong time; or rather, my mind is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I even invent words by mistake.

Shauna Vella: Choose the Phoenix interfact in the drop down menu.
Shauna Vella: Interface! I mean INTERFACE!!!

Sometimes the typos are funny. If they are, my friends save them and paste them into chat later. For me, making a typo could mean the possibility of reliving it for years to come. I have friends who still quote stupid things I said in 2010.

So… what causes these typos? Well, I’m almost always on a comfy sofa. I usually have a pillow and a cat in my lap, so there’s this relaxed, lazy feeling right off the bat which is probably not conducive to proper typing; and if IMs come in while I’m already in a room full of witty friends…?


When I logged in yesterday, I had four normal IMs, a room full of people chatting away, and a conference IM. Two were asking about my store, one wanted help with a letter to Linden Lab, and another help to escape an awkward social situation. My typing suffered.

Oh, all right. I can’t blame all my typos on multitasking, though I’m sure that doesn’t help. If I have nothing going on at all, I still make typos. I’m probably too relaxed at times. Too lazy. Or maybe my brain is just in a million places at once instead of focusing on the keyboard.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because of my cat. Yes, that’s it! IT’S MY CAT!

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  1. Sadly, I have none of your “excuses” for typo’s Shauna – I still make them, and often, regardless lol …
    However I do think that most of my problem is trying to type as fast as my brain thinks, which tends to mean I jumble up the letters or miss some out like a sort of demented dyslexia lol… Much of this is down to the fact that I don’t touchtype like many do, which makes it even more of a jumble for my slow, errant fingers!
    It is worse in SL than when I type elsewhere I have to say, but as we all know, if you can’t get a comment into SL local chat within 10 seconds you’ve missed your window of opportunity in that conversation, so fast is the only way to go! lol
    How my typing has changed since joining SL… not so much abbreviations, but the way I word things and the speed I type etc have changed drastically… not sure if that’s a good or bad thing really.. but it’s here to stay now so more a case of loving me for my typo’s too! ;))

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by etymology and I love the way that the advent of mass electronic communication has resulted in the proliferation of almost a whole new language, and so much of that is rooted in typos.

    What I find equally fascinating is how those visionary writers who predicted the growth of the metaverse and the means of communication that, just a short time ago in real term were incredibly ‘futuristic’ yet are now routinely employed every day, never thought to assume anything other than everyone’s innate ability to get the message across. They invented whole new ways they imagined language would evolve, from Nadsat, through 1337, Newspeak and Huxley’s vocabulary of Brave New World – yet nobosy considered that, actually, when it comes to the mechanical process of communication, we’re not very good at it. Yet this is normal for human beings – the most ancient manuscripts contain typos; the Titanic’s SOS fell on deaf ears and the 1631 Wicked Bible is a wonderful example of how badly wrong we can get it. Those sci-fi writer’s could have had a field day with the possibilities, if only they’d realised it!

    Personally, I say long live the typo – it is the bedrock of evolving language, and hugely entertaining too!

    s. x

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