The Escape

escape_key-1080x675Most people come to Second Life to take a break from first life. They use it as an escape. I totally understand this because Second Life has been a lifesaver to me personally. When my world was falling apart a few years ago, logging in was one of the few times I got relief. No, it didn’t solve all of my problems, but it certainly helped me cope.

Sometimes people need a break from SL too. I rarely do, but if I’m working on something in real life, my virtual related creativity can get put on hold.

Like this blog, for instance. I usually post once a day, but this last week I haven’t. This is because I’ve been writing something related to real life, and I just got in the zone for that in particular.

I’m not sick of SL, and I’m certainly not tired of being around my wonderful friends. Lord willing, I will remain inworld til the cows come home – or at least until SL ceases to exist. Every now and then I may take a night off, though, and escape into real life.

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  1. As with everything in life, sometimes taking a break from routine – even if the routine is fun and an escape from everyday life – can prompt a fresh burst of creative thinking. It’s not something we should shrink from 🙂

    That said, i’ve missed you this week.

    s. x

  2. I tend to drift in and out of SL these days… sometimes for RL reasons, sometimes I feel depressed and SL is not always a good option for me, sometimes I am just tired … and as much as I love all my SL family and friends, I need time to myself.

    Before joining SL I would often secret myself away to be alone… not necessarily because of depression strangely enough, but often just because my alone time sorts my head and heart out… Now, of course, I have Brian beside me most of the time, and that has been a learning curve for my alone time habits, but not in a bad way… Brian is great because he knows when I need to be left to my own devices, whether that be vegging out in front of the tv, quietly reading or one of my occasional artistic dalliances, and he just leaves me to get on with whatever, making sure I am ok but not intruding…

    I think most people spend most of the ir available time in SL when they first join… It is a new adventure – exciting, imaginative, diverse – so much to do and see that seduces you and literally magics away the hours , as addictive as any drug! If you “survive” and are in SL for the long haul (more than 2 years) you find the fascination wanes, and whilst SL still holds an allure and sense of fun and adventure, it stops being the most urgent thing in your life, and therefore becomes easier to stay away from for longer periods of time, for whatever reason… It is like being a grown up and realising there is more to life than drinking til you fall over and clubbing all night (well maybe not Slate McLeod! lol)

    I love my SL and the people that inhabit it… they are as much my RL friends who I happened to meet in SL these days, and I feel blessed to have all of them… doesn’t mean I don’t need time out though… so for anyone else needing a “break” – take it, do what you need, and come back to us refreshed and ready for more fun & frolics with the mad lot! 🙂

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