The IM That Goes Wrong

missentHave you ever sent an IM to the wrong person? It can happen if you’re not paying attention and people’s names are next to each other on a friend list. It’s also possible to get confused when multiple conversations are happening. However, some wrongly sent IMs seem to happen for no reason – like the one I received this morning.

[00:41] j——- T——-: (Saved Fri Nov 27 04:21:44 2015)whats the sex chat all about? need any new workers? i have years of exp is this sort of thing
[00:41] j——- T——-: (Saved Fri Nov 27 04:23:07 2015)please just ignore that message i seen something wrong

At first I thought this was an alt winding me up, but then checked the profile. The man has been in Second Life since 2006. He even seemed active in the virtual community! So why in the world did he send that message to me?

He was offline by the time I read it, so I didn’t get to ask “Why?” His profile was not much different from those of friends, but I now know way more about him than he probably intended.

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