The Mighty Boosh

showposterIn my early years of Second Life I, along with my closest friend, had a bit of an obsession with the comedy tv series The Mighty Boosh. We loved this show starring Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, and due to its surreal nature it fit in quite well with our Second Life. On occasion we brought a bit of the Boosh into the virtual world.

Are you familiar with the gesture where a man screams “NooooOOOooooo!” to the top of his lungs? I’m sure there are many like that, but you’d know this one if you heard it. My friend made that, and it was sampled from The Mighty Boosh. We uploaded several gestures and a couple of novelty items due to this show, such as a burning top hat from the spirit of jazz.

ThisĀ I’m Darker than you scene from the Boosh inspired us to make a can of Goth Juice, the most powerful hairspray known to man….

The subculture I identify most with are the mods of Second Life. You know, those people who wear stylish suits and listen to The Who? Second Life also has a big furby furry population, though. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if the mods of SL got combined with furries, we have an answer to this question thanks to The Mighty Boosh. See video below.

The Mighty Boosh is surreal – just like my Second Life. If you’re looking for a series to watch and enjoy a bit of nonsense, I recommend it.

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