The Polka Dot Avatar of Doom

Girl_next_door_editUpdated my Firestorm viewer tonight. Since I looked like an orange cloud for ages, I decided to turn myself into the default polka dot wearing “girl next door” avatar to make something load on the screen.  So far so good but then to my dismay, I realized my regular skin and eyes were totally missing from the inventory. SL likes to eat my items for some reason, so this did not look good.

I thought I would need to purchase my skin and eyes all over again. Not the greatest solution but I would do it if I had to.

Here’s where it gets more fun. The place I buy my skin from had a sign on the door saying “closed.” Everything had been removed from the building, and there was nothing on the marketplace. Panic nearly set in.

Fortunately a friend reminded me of that age old advice to clear the cache, and though it sounds cliche and we’ve been hearing it for years as a solution to try and fix most SL problems, I’m pleased to say in this instance it actually worked. I cleared cache, logged back in, and though my friends were grey and perched like statues for fifteen minutes or more, SL eventually got back to normal.

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  1. “SL likes to eat my items for some reason…”

    The reason? Because it can…just because it can. It wasn’t even hungry!

  2. I too had the ‘polka dot avatar of doom’ last week, after being a curry cloud for ages, with logging on and off not helping. After the character test I was both myself and Ruth and couldn’t detach either. I also had the eye trouble, but in my case it was solid grey eye sockets……. such an attractive look.

    In the end I gave up and logged out, leaving SL for another day.

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