Thinking of Second Life Like Playstation

PlayStation-SCPH-1000-with-ControllerA few years ago someone asked me to write an article to help people new to Second Life deal with emotional attachments and the deep feelings which can occur in the virtual world. An unusual request at the time but, I thought, maybe Dr. Shauna should give an opinion.

Here’s what I think. I believe this dilemma is mainly caused by how a person views Second Life. They enter our world thinking it’s a game, and while there are games within the world such as zyngo, shooting zombies, riding bulls or roleplaying, SL is actually like the internet not a game. The internet itself is not a game, but it has games. Second Life is not a game either, but it has them.

Avatars are digital vehicles for the mind, and if one understands that SL is a place of communication, a high tech means of interacting with other human beings, it should not be shocking to find we can have emotions there. If, on the other hand, we think of SL as a game you’d find on Playstation, we might wonder about our own sanity if we start to feel something.

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  1. Without being too ‘ preténtieux ‘ about it , I’ve also heard people compare Second Life to a shamanic experience as well in that you can fly , change your shape , talk to (Furry) animals and explore weird environments. That also reminds me of a certain TV programme. Maybe we should think of Slate as DCI Gene Hunt and the Killing Moon as the Railway Arms at the very end of ‘ Ashes to Ashes ‘ 🙂 ” I’m ‘avin ‘oops ” 🙂

  2. Just last week I met a new resident at a club I was performing at. He was very nice but kept asking what the “point” of second life was. I told him that you could build a house, or build a spaceship, and live in it. That you could start a business , or DJ at a club in front of a crowd, or meet people form all over the world. I finished by telling him that if you can imagine it, then you can pretty much make it happen in SL.

    “yeah, but what is the point?” he said.

    I think he will make a great accountant someday.

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