Tom Jones at The Killing Moon


Tom Jones aka Simon Seurat will be DJing at our local pub The Killing Moon tomorrow at 10pm-12:00 PM UK time (2-4 Second Life time).

We don’t usually have “official” events at our pub, but spend our evenings there anyway listening to music, chilling out, and having conversation… Our “house DJ” Barbie Bohemian often spins tunes to save us from the radio, but it’s all  unofficial.  The Killing Moon’s slogan for years has been “the place people go when they don’t have official places to be.”

Lately, we’ve been discussing the idea of a regular event though. I see both the positive and the negative, so I have not wanted to jump into anything. For one, I like the way we currently do it. The pub has a neighborly feel with no pressure, and we already go to Soul Mods, the best club in Second Life, every Thursday and Friday. We all love 60s music, so for most of us Soul Mods is the highlight of the week! And yet, one event per month at The Killing Moon (or maybe once a week, depending) could make a nice change. We’re there anyway, and hey, we might meet some new friends!

Whether it be once a month, once a week, or just now and then, I haven’t decided yet. I will let you know when I do.

In the mean time, Simon (who currently looks like Tom Jones  –  it’s not unusual for him to change his appearance) will be playing music from the 80s and 90s. If you’re bored and would like some company, feel free to join us.

Visit Inworld: The Killing Moon

Photo Credit: Simon Seurat

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  1. Mama told me not to come, but there’s something ’bout you baby I like and when I started burning down the house she relented, as long as I keep my hat on, (well, she’s a lady) – in fact, she said ‘say you’ll stay until tomorrow!’ – she won’t be looking out my window for when I’m coming home. He is a bit of a sex bomb, after all, and even though I’ll never fall in love again maybe a kiss, from the boy from nowher,e will stir that old forgotten feeling!

    s. x

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