Turning Lag Into Something Positive

I have a friend who felt inspired to write. She had no access to a computer at the time, but was so determined, she used her mobile phone to write long, extensive articles. I can’t imagine writing articles, let alone a book, using a phone, but she was even going to try that!

In spite of having more lag than most of my friends and probably more than most people in Second Life, I’m still determined to explore. I like finding new places, new things…. Some people probably view my lag issue the same way I viewed my friend trying to write articles with a mobile phone. If they knew how long it took things to rez for me, they’d wonder why I bother.

sweetbrown1I refuse to give up exploring though, because I’m still excited to see new places! However, to go somewhere new and stand idle while waiting for things to rez is a waste of a life. In the words of Sweet Brown “Aint nobody got time for that!”

So, I’ve decided to put that lag time to good use. Whenever I teleport into a place, I already know it’s going to take a while to rez, so I’m prepared. I have a book handy in real life, something educational (at the moment it’s a history book) and while I wait for that sim to appear, I’m reading and learning.

So you see, lag is not entirely bad. Because of lag, I now know quite a bit more about British history!

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