Your SL Place, Your Personality

In first life we may not get to live where we want to. We may not have furniture or decor that suits us. Second Life is different. We have more choices, and how we live can reveal a lot about us.

1965 England
1965 England built by Slate McLeod

Is your place a fortress where just you and a partner have access? Do you have a club on your land? A sunny field of flowers? Or perhaps, like me, you have a town?

In first life, I live in a one bedroom maisonette outside of London. There’s nothing special about it; it’s quite small, and apart from one decorative moon, my husband has chosen all the decor. Hey, I don’t mind that! But in Second Life, I like to control every last prim.

The only limits in SL depend on us. Money can play a part, but assuming we all had the same space we would only be restricted by our ability to translate what’s inside of us into something visible. Fortunately, if we’re not talented builders we can usually find someone who is.

What kind of place do you have in SL? Does it represent you well?

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  1. In real life I live in a rundown Victorian house which is falling to bits because I don’t have the money to do it up. Everything is patched-up to infinity ! I’m really unhappy here and I would love to move, maybe to a house on the edge of the countryside – and I definitely need a library room for all my books as they are piled up all over the place. So one thing that SL does for me is provide an escape in terms of living space. I have a beach house now, but I’ve lived in apartments set in major cities around the world, a mansion on my own island, a hotel, a wood, a Tudor house in the sky, a country cottage and in a copy of a famous French castle. I think having a nice home is THE most important thing for me in SL , certainly at the moment it is anyway !

  2. In RL I live in a purpose built generic 2bed 2nd floor flat… It is quite modern in design, and reasonably spacious compared to many in Basildon, which is a new town… Considering the limitations of new town living, I am lucky that I can look out and see trees and green, which camouflage the terraced houses just the other of them lol… Being 2nd floor means we look out over the rooftops too, see the sky and get a unique perspective on any wildlife, of which there is a surprising abundance – foxes, squirrels, various birds…

    As for decor, well I had a certain amount of stuff from a previous house I owned a few years back, namely a huge fridge freezer, some cabinets, pc desk, and household/kitchen wares, as well as my extensive music collection of course! lol The flat was freshly painted when we moved in – a somewhat clinical magnolia on walls and all ceilings and woodwork in white, beige carpets with lino in kitchen and bathroom… It was a blank canvas really, very neutral, so we have left it that way seeing as it had just been painted anyway… We bought a secondhand sofa and armchair set from the local PDSA for £100 which is a light beige colour, and is now looking a bit sad and will need replacing soon, if we ever have enough money to afford to! … Overall it isn’t really my “taste” as such, but it is inoffensive and easy on the eye… I tend to like simple, semi-minimalistic, living, not too many trinkets or ornaments, just one or two unusual pieces…

    The one thing we are in desperate need of are wardrobes… The flat has no storage space at all – even in the kitchen we have very few cupboards and it is very small… The bedrooms are a complete mess full of bags and boxes of clothes and other assorted items that would normally live in wardrobes or other storage cupboards… This is something that drives me loopy – I hate the mess and disorganisation that comes with lack of cupboards! Oh well… one day lol

    I guess that home is truly where the heart is… even though the flat is privately rented it still feels like home to me as I walk through the door and shut out the rest of the world, my sanctuary, my haven…

    In SL we rent a small piece of land on a beach sim… we have the corner plot and a wooden boarded beach style house on stilts overlooking the sea… It is simple in decor inside, pale greys and blues, lots of neutrals and natural fabrics… Outside is a waterfall and lots of palm trees, waves… very peaceful… This is how I would like to live in RL if I was probably a millionairess lol… I love the sea regardless of weather – it seems to speak to my soul and soothe my inner spirit… Of course I also have the Divine Zone clubhouse, which is rarely used (my fault!)… It is like an old school hall or library, with big arched windows and large chandeliers hanging down inside… There are comfy chairs and sofa’s, a reading area with books, rugs and a record player… There are no doors just archways to the outside which again is a beach setting… I like the essence of it’s simplicity, and the fact that it reminds me of my first school hall as a child…

    So there you go… my RL and SL worlds and dwellings 🙂

  3. If I could transport my SL home to the real world, I could indeed live happily ever after – although I’m not sure having a cave as a bedroom would be quite so convivial in RL!

    As for whether it represents me, it certainly reflects my ideas, ideals and aspirations… So, probably, yes.

    However, I’m incredibly fortunate in being able to say that I probably wouldn’t change my dwelling in either world, no matter how much you offered me. That’s not to say my home is perfect, but it’s certainly right for me. I’ve had bigger, better and more modern in the past, but where I am now feels like home, and I am completely at home there.

    s. x

  4. The last place I had in SL was a big plot with a beach, a massive treehouse, and a 100ft statue of Bobby Moore. In RL I live near the sea (well, on the estuary, the sea is about 1/2 mile around a corner), and I have seen a tree. Before that it was a variety of cottages and wind worn beach houses. Always scruffy, I’m happiest with scruffy.

  5. I live in a semi detached 1930s style house in rl not far from a park and a lovely canal walk ,its been an ideal family house but now its just me and hubby. Sl I live in the biggest house I can fit on my land ,not because I want to ,but its more practical as I hate building or shall I say building hates me .
    Sl is perfect for me at the moment I live near some pretty awesome people ,before moving to here I lived more or less alone on Islands etc but now its perfect.
    I would never want my Sl house in rl its just too big at this moment I like both worlds has they are x

  6. I live in a house, hang on a sec going outside to check, yes is definitely a house though sometimes I do wonder as many people use it for all sorts of reasons, mostly where I live has become an anchor point for people who spin off into the big wide world always knowing there is somewhere they can borrow money,
    it was built just before the first world war, that’s to say well built, not huge or fancy 2 bays on top of each other and pointy bit on top and a motley collection of mad people inside, the sea very close, weird though I have had much bigger, fancier as well but for some strange reason this house has always felt like home.
    2008 I became land owner on sl, one then two 512’s with a huge guilt trip I had spent money on something in the ether, mad silly building sessions and demolition for the first few months gave way to thought and design result soul mods which was built in secret as a place I enjoyed in rl and my sl home well hidden away.
    building on sl is part of the experience and should always be tried as so many and varied other things should be tried as a very rare opportunity exists thanks to sl.
    most of all I have discovered people, friends, diversity and fun, sl is the people, the people are sl

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