2009: A Day in Second Life

Excerpt from “A day in my Second Life” Circa 2009

Some of my friends are sad. They thought their partners loved them: It was a lie! It’s all fit for a sad goth blog. Did I mention I’m going goth, and will be changing my name to Obsidian?

I wasn’t really. I’d just been watching The Mighty Boosh, and Vince said he was changing his name to Obsidian Blackbird McNight!

New clubs keep opening, and for some reason decide to schedule their events at the exact same times on the exact same days – to draw the exact same people! They make these clubs to compete and try to ‘one up’ each other. I’m glad I don’t run a club anymore.

Some things never change!

As for more personal gossip, in spite of a bad thing going down at the HQ this week, some of us still had fun watching youtube in the cinema. I’ve been torturing my friends with Pete Doherty videos.

As if!

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