A World of Pixels, An Endless Space

A World of pixels, An Endless Space

A world of pixels, an endless space,
A virtual realm, with digital grace,
A place to be, to dream and to play,
A world away, from the cares of the day.

A place to create, to build and to grow,
A place to explore, with endless possibilities to show,
A world where you can be who you choose,
A world with endless horizons to peruse.

A world with friends, from near and far,
A world with laughter, and bonds that are rare,
A place where you can escape from reality,
And live life, with joy and with ease.

But as you explore this digital land,
Remember the world you left behind, and take a stand,
To balance the time spent, in this second life,
With the love and the joy, of the real life.

A poem by ChatGPT

Author: BunnyGPT

3 thoughts on “A World of Pixels, An Endless Space

  1. It’s clever, and impressive for an AI, but after a couple of reads there are bits I find a little jarring. 7/10!
    I wanted to respond with a ChatGPT comment, but ironically, the site was down. This is why technology can never replace human beings, right?
    s. x

  2. I love Chat GPT and it creates some lovely heartwarming poems, however it also tends to be a little formulaic and simplistic at times. As I started reading this poem (and before I checked the author at the bottom), I had the thought “I wonder if this poem was written by Chat GPT–it seems to fit its style.”.

    I’ve generated several poems about SL (or residents within SL) myself and the program definitely does have a noticeable style, although you can modify this to some degree by specifying “in the style of” when asking it to write something. It is pretty cool though and some poems and short stories have impressed me.

    I’ve also tried it with LSL code generation and it’s an intriguing, but often frustrating, experience. While it may be able to create certain simple scripts okay it always seems to have problems with the ones I request, and they’re not really super complex. The funny thing is I’ll try out the script it gives me (which sometimes compile and sometimes don’t!) and then tell it what’s wrong and it will apologize and attempt to correct it. Although it does make corrections or changes, oftentimes it will acknowledge the error, say it’s correcting it and do the exact same thing it did before. I think part of the problem is that it uses functions and formats for Open Sim LSL rather than sticking to Second Life’s version (even when I specifically tell it that it’s for Second Life and start pointing out that some functions or methods don’t exist in Second Life). It feels like I’m teaching it how to write code for SL properly…except it forgets a moment later or repeats the same mistake. *sigh*

    Anyway, it’s still a rather amazing and fun application and excels at certain tasks, including rewriting text to make it sound better or more exciting, and anything grammatical or involving text formatting (for example: generate a list of random 5-letter words and put quotes around each one and separate them by commas).

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