Shoppers Give Advice to Store Owners

If you shop in Second Life, what advice would you give to store owners to improve your shopping experience? I asked this on social media, and it turned out to be a popular topic. More discussion can be found in the Facebook group Second Life – Virtual World and SecondLife.

Here are a few of the suggestions:

“…have all your information, groups, ToS, redelivery, etc in one place. Make sure your store is well signed and easy to follow to certain items. Keep it tidy and neat.” -MARIA HART

“If you give away store cards and free credit as a promotional drive, state how to use the card exactly, and if/when it expires. As a customer, that drives me crazy, especially if it’s really not obvious.” -KAREN PIPER

“If you got a store designing for male and female please provide a sign where to find the men department, we don’t want to look through female stuff to find what we are looking for. Also don’t use teleport routing, if you got a big mixed store. Men don’t want to run past dozens of shelves of women stuff to reach theirs.” -JAKE WANDERER

“Get rid of those automatic greeters that spam you with IMs, notecards, and landmarks.” -KATIE BELLAMY

“…Be kind and courteous… never ever make your customer feel stupid for asking questions. Be authentic about taking an interest in what your customers suggest.” -JENNIFER STEELE

“… if you’re participating in weekend sales, have your item(s) near the landing point of the store so it’s easily found. I don’t want to hunt around a store for 10 mins to find a sale item, I will leave and you’ve lost a sale, even if it was 60/75 L.” -KALLEE VIPER

“If you provide a demo, please DO NOT just stick a bland texture that says ‘DEMO DEMO DEMO’ all over it… show us the texture too!” -HARPER STEWART

“Please put the color hud in the demo. We are not just checking fit. We are also checking to make sure the colors and patterns complement our skin, eye, and hair color. When a demo does not include the color hud, I usually do not buy.” -ELLE YATES

So… as a shopper, what advice would you give?

Photo Credit: Linden Lab

Author: MoonX

2 thoughts on “Shoppers Give Advice to Store Owners

  1. Agree to all of the above, especially annoying time limited demos , no color huds in Demo and demo labels all over the garment..drives me nuts. Plus aimlessly searching for Redelivery portals or worse still a store having NO delivery function. Struck one like that a few months ago. They will never see ME again. Also stores that dont allow fly. I was at a large homes shop the other day and had to walk or run from disply to display. I gave up eventually and left without seeing half of it Top of my list are store owners who dont reply to a NC youve sent for whatever reason. I sometimes send again and if still no reply they no longer have my custom

  2. Have all joiners, redelivery etc in one place, clearly marked.
    Spam greaters are a no no.
    Always reply to customers, certain stores just ignore you.
    Try to keep script lag to a minimum, nothing more annoying than rubberbanding for 5 mins.

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