Anna Erotica’s Mirage City

I’d like to give a shout-out to Anna Alicia the owner of the Anna Erotica Mainstore who kindly sent me the 6 Prim Luxury Skybox home while I was on a shopping spree at her store. It was only this year I first visited Anna’s city. I thought it was just a sex place, but my friend Seren let me know it had sci-fi and futuristic stuff she was sure I’d like. So, I popped over to visit.

Verdict? Impressed! Anna’s Mirage City is indeed futuristic, and each round door on a building is a portal to another place. You just walk through it like a normal door and exit the same way, so you feel like you never left the town. It’s clever, and you can find nice-looking low-impact buildings and furniture for rock-bottom prices.

Yes, there are half-naked ladies walking around. A couple of them even greeted me, but I soon realized they weren’t really women, but realistic looking Animesh bots!

Ok, so I’m not into the adult stuff, but I love a sci-fi atmosphere and the low-priced furniture impressed me. I bought quite a bit from Anna Erotica and will likely go back for more. If you like cyberpunk, are on a budget, or just prefer to buy low-impact items that still look cool, be sure to check Anna’s place out.

VISIT INWORLD: Anna Erotic Mainstore

Author: MoonX

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