Being on Second Life With a Bad Computer

Have you ever tried to access Second Life using a bad computer or inferior internet connection?

If so, you may have experienced:

1. Being frozen, then when you finally can move a bunch of text floods your screen.

2. You can’t respond to the person talking to you – at the worst possible moment!

3. You’re unable to move, then all of a sudden you find yourself on the other side of the room.

4. You go for a walk and keep walking, walking, walking, and walking . . . all the way across the ocean.

5. Everyone looks like a cloud made of red curry.

6. You don’t see dead people. You see grey people.

7. When you dance it’s in jerky robot movements or like the Humpty Dance circa 1990.

8. You want to get to the other side of the room but can’t; so you have a good friend push you there.

9. People are naked, with their mesh clothes dancing along side them. Sometimes their mesh heads fill the dance floor.

10. Often you can see right through people. It’s not intuition – it’s alpha layers!

If you experience any of these issues, imagine this scene from Office Space with your computer instead of a printer. It will make you feel better.

Author: MoonX

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