5 Boring SL Profiles

A profile is one of the first things I check when I meet someone in Second Life. You can glean a lot by seeing what groups people join, and the locations they promote.

In some cases, I’ve made friends because of a profile, but here are five types I am not usually keen on.

1. Profile with an unfriendly set of rules we need to follow to interact with the person

2. Profile that has people in the picks instead of places, along with inside jokes and quotes

3. Profile with any kind of legal warning about logging chat or not logging chat

4. Profile that tells us we better not mess with this person’s friends – or else!!! 

5. Profile that refers to Second Life as a game

So what makes a good profile?

At the least, one that can be understood by everyone, and not just people on the person’s friend list.

Author: MoonX

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