Boring SL Profiles

A profile is one of the first things I check when I meet someone in Second Life. You can glean a lot by seeing what groups people join, what they choose to include (or not include), and the locations they promote.

In some cases I’ve made friends because of a profile. “Oh, you like that? Me too!” But sadly, many profiles do not appeal.

Here are five I am not usually keen on.

1. Unfriendly set of rules: This person’s profile gives a list of rules, explaining in great detail how to interact with them. Do this. Don’t do that. And if you’re lucky they may talk to you!

2. People in the “picks” instead of places: Instead of saying what places they like, this person fills their picks with names of people they know, inside jokes, and quotes I don’t understand because of lack of context.

3. Legal warning: Warning! Chat will be logged (or not logged) and because we’ve read this profile we’re legally bound to abide by these rules. Sure we are. 🙂

4. Roleplaying Limits: Must admit, some of these can be amusing, so perhaps I shouldn’t include this … but since I’m not part of the roleplaying community, none of their limits apply to me.

5. Second Life is just a game:  Though SL is a virtual world, this profile insists that Second Life is “just a game” and unlike the rest of us losers they have a fulfilling real life.

So what makes a good profile? Just my opinion of course, but a good start is to have one that can be understood by everyone, and not just people already on the person’s friend list.

Author: Moon Brite

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